Shenzhen Li-ion battery life industry

Lithium power industry in China’s development and is carefully related to cell smart phone batteries, and lithium supply industry is guided made by a group of special enterprises. At present, Tiongkok has become the tour’s largest manufacturers of lithium battery production bases. China’s lithiumion battery manufacturers about Guangdong, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other countries. At present, the Guangdong region pertaining to the lithium production actually accounts for of generally country, while the Shenzhen accounted for of the state. Song Ding Technology Co.,

Ltd., Shenzhen, Chief Engineer, Dr. Du Hongyan, China’s lithiumbased power industry set about in have gone via an independent research and as well development to learn coming from the introduction of those industrialization of the car. Entered since , with the Shenzhen BYD, Banke batteries, lithiumion battery company’s rapid rise, China’s lithium power economy has begun to key fastgrowth stage. In and China’s lithium battery intersected the million mark, information systems for of global share of the market. In , China’s production pointing to lithiumion battery has need to more than .

billion, of which China’s domestic manufacturers of lithiumion batteries at about zillion or so, BYD’s lithiumion battery industry in most of the field has access towards world top . Found in recent years, China’s lithiumion battery manufacturers worldwide internet share stable at all-around , with Japanese organisations to form a lithiumion battery production in level trend. “Lithium battery companies as mobile phones, desktop supporting industrial development together, Baoan cell phone, in the computer the market industry is also a building base, the corresponding lithium battery companies are usually concentrated in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, now more than : associated with lithium these things business, which concentrated about half of Baoan.

“Du Hongyan introduced. At EZ Battery Reconditioning , the lithium electrical battery business at the thoughts of the Longgang District, which resulted in BYD, BAK two worldclass generation companies, while the lithium battery industry Bao’an may be relatively concentrated area, by working with B & K, Lei days, Song ting, et cetera. with the lithiumrelated businesses. Meanwhile, lithium power industry related gear manufacturing companies are only concentrated in Baoan, too as the upstream along with lithium batteryrelated enterprises a lot more. “Baoan has formed an instead complete industrial chain involving lithium batteries, and would have grown into China’s most rechargeable battery industrial lower.”