The MIT blackjack team is still notorious today

Once win the big jackpot and beat the bank. This is the ultimate goal for many visitors to major casinos. For whether in the present time or in the past, the attraction to win a large sum has always been there. But there are not only those who want to rely on their luck, but also those who specialize in card games and card counting.

This is a trick that is widely used in the casino world and yet strictly prohibited, because if you get caught in card counting, you usually get a lifelong home ban in the casino where you were caught and often in all other online slots in the area, since these are networked with each other.

A special example is the Blackjack team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT for short. This team, assembled by a university professor with free scratch cards no deposit requiredhere, achieved millions in the big casinos of Las Vegas in the late ’80s and early’ 90s.

Preparation and training helped the MIT team to success

Of course, the tricks of gamblers who have known card counting for a long time in major casinos in Las Vegas are as strict as possible that it does not come to card counting that someone can repeatedly make big profits using this method. That’s why the MIT team has not just disguised itself and devised whole roles in order not to attract attention, but also developed certain tactics that can be used to communicate with each other, which cards have already been played and where a high stake is worthwhile. Some of the profits were so high that the members of the team had to smuggle them onto the plane on their bodies, so that they would not be prevented from leaving the state of Nevada due to the high amount of money. High sum of the money was used again in the training, as well as the travel to the individual casinos, but of course also the team members received a large part of the profits, which was a further incentive for all to tell further profits and the methods used for the To perfect card counting even further .